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Interactive HTML5 Maps

free and free-to-try maps for any website

» Maps of World, USA and other countries

» Fit any website or CMS

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Interactive Maps for WordPress

free and premium WP plugins

» Installs in minutes and seamlessly integrates to the site

» Maps of USA, UK and other countries as well as world maps

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Custom Map Development


» We can develop a custom map for any specific task

» Wide range of HTML5/Canvas maps

» High-quality 3D maps for best visualization

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Interactive JavaScript Maps

HTML5-powered drill-down Map of the World for websites

Golden World and USA HTML5 Map Locator ver. 2.4.0

To see the addresses and phone numbers of our representations, simply press on the red or green country at the left.


  • Interactive drill-down map of the world with clickable countries
  • Ideal for visually representing international reps, offices, agencies, dealers and official distributors in given countries
  • Works on iOS/Android devices
  • Responsive
  • Easy colors and links customization
  • Adjustable and clickable popup balloons
  • JavaScript API (API reference)


HTML5 Golden World and USA 2.4.0
Single License

$99 $199 US (one-time fee)

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Golden World and USA HTML5 Map Locator

Nicely built high-detailed 2-level world map takes the most from the HTML5 technology. The top level of the map displays the world divided into continents (America, Asia, Europe etc). A user can zoom in a certain region with a click and display the more detailed second level map.

Quality JavaScript World Map

Golden World and USA Map Locator is built with great attention to details. The map features customizable high-quality graphics and animation. Each region on the world map is clickable, and a click opens the second level of the map with higher country and region details. Every country on the 2nd level is clickable too.

HTML5 Powered – No Flash is Required

The HTML5 technology makes possible the use of the product on iOS devices that normally don't display Flash maps. Thanks to HTML5 support, the map correctly works on iPad, iPhone and other tablet PCs thus providing coverage for users of mobile devices.

Limitless Application

Golden World and USA Map Locator perfectly suits any international and world-wide business, both offline and online. Thanks to ability to quickly locate the nearest resellers, reps or official partners in a given country, visitors of your site can swiftly open the appropriate page or find the local contact information in the popup window.

Easy to Setup

Our interactive map is easy to install and configure. Configuration is done via simple editing of the text file; you can adjust colors, fonts and popup behavior as well as individual country settings. Plus you can test the free DEMO to evaluate all features of the map.

The map is powered by the jQuery JavaScript library providing the work in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8+, Microsoft Edge.



Live Examples

Custom Development

Fine tune the map for the best fit and custom capabilities not available in standard maps.
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