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Interactive HTML5 Maps

free and free-to-try maps for any website

» Maps of World, USA and other countries

» Fit any website or CMS

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Interactive Maps for WordPress

free and premium WP plugins

» Installs in minutes and seamlessly integrates to the site

» Maps of USA, UK and other countries as well as world maps

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Custom Map Development


» We can develop a custom map for any specific task

» Wide range of HTML5/Canvas maps

» High-quality 3D maps for best visualization

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Interactive Flash Maps

Zoom Map of Ukraine 2.0
for web and intranet sites


Click on map and zoom it!

Click on the state that you would like to zoom in on. When you click the state it will zoom in.

This is an extremely effective way to give your users more flexibility in using the map.

Just click "Zoom Out" on the corner and you can zoom out to the original map.

Make a map of offices, clubs, groups .... You name it!!

Variants of using a map locator

  • Quick access to contact organization data, having affiliated network
  • For real-estate websites
  • Showcase gallery


  • Wysiwyg editor for adding cities. Very convenient adding the cities, does not demand editing a xml-code
  • Suitable for Real-Estate, Dealer Maps, Branch Offices Locators
  • Color, URL linking, captions and more. And you can do all these by yourself
  • Intuitive Flash Map Interface
  • Ease of Use
  • Customizations via an XML file, no Flash source modifications required
    Any settings can be done using external XML file, it allows integrating flash map into any application and dynamically modify information on map easy and fast
  • Compatible with virtually all scripting languages (ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, etc.)
    Use any language you like to create XML Source and pass it to a Flash object, or simply use an XML file from your server
  • Small file size

DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO Licensing Information (applies only to Zoom Map of Ukraine)

  Single License
Number of websites allowed one
Cost $149 US


More map samples

Interactive maps

Ukraine Map Locator
Selector area map of Ukraine! Ukraine Map Locator
Starting from $69 »»»
Zoom Map of Ukraine
Interactive zoomable map with cities and wysiwyg editor Zoom Map of Ukraine
Starting from $149 »»»
Pinpoint Map of Ukraine
Interactive map with pinpoints and wysiwyg editor Pinpoint Map of Ukraine
Starting from $99 »»»
Click-and-Drag Map of Ukraine
Interactive map with zoom in/out, pinpoints and wysiwyg editor. Click-and-Drag Map of Ukraine
Starting from $99 »»»
Ukraine Map Locator Fix
Selector area map of Ukraine with fixing active state Ukraine Map Locator Fix
Starting from $99 »»»

Personal customization

Do you need these maps in another size?
What do you think of adding new features?

We are glad to provide personal customization for you!
Please contact us

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