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Create a visited countries map for WordPress with a few clicks!


Traveling is maybe one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Every year many people visit different countries and share their impressions with friends on their personal WordPress powered websites. As a result, the most popular question for them is: “How can I organize the geographical-related content in more efficient and accurate way?”. Of course with visited countries map!

Certainly, one of the best ways to solve this problem is an interactive HTML5 map. Adding just a little shortcode can easily transform a website into a popular web project and completely improve its usability. Also, WordPress is a modern platform that can relieve the user from a necessity to dive into programming languages and concepts. Interactive HTML5 maps are now available as separate plugins. Furthermore, the installation takes no longer than 5 minutes!

What is Visited Country map?

Visited country map is a tool for an interactive map, which gives the website owner an opportunity to easy check-in at the places, where he was while traveling. For example, the user can create a map called “Traveling Season 2019” where he can mark some countries that he visited in summer.

What is World countries Interactive HTML5 Map for WP plugin from

The World countries Interactive HTML5 Map for WP plugin can surely be useful for many purposes. Most of all, real-estate companies, regional dealers, and also travelers can add all necessary information to an interactive map with a few clicks. Consequently, this plugin is the best way to make your own visited country Map!

7 useful plugin features for creating a visited countries map

World countries Interactive HTML5 Map for WP is a powerful tool. Foremost it has 7 features which can make a creation of visited country map faster and more comfortable:

  • mobile-friendly interface,
  • embedding a map into WordPress blog post, widget or page,
  • editability  of an interactive map at any time,
  • opportunity to create several interactive maps at the same time,
  • adding tooltips and links for each country on a map,
  • the map color changing to ANY value,
  • an easy export of the map settings.

Why is a company that works in the interactive maps market for a long time. We appreciate our clients and that’s why we created modern WP interactive maps that are:

  • Retina-ready,
  • Easy to install and embed,
  • Easy configurable.

All our interactive maps are carefully tested with many mobile devices and desktop computers!

How to create a Visited Country Map with our plugin?

As we mentioned earlier, the process of installing of our WordPress plugin and creating a map is easy. So easy that it takes only 3 minutes! If you don’t believe, we will show you a short video:

Sounds good, right?


The process of creating an interactive Visited Countries Map for WordPress powered website never was so easy and comfortable. Visit the plugin homepage for additional information and make a right decision!

Try World map for WordPress for free

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