Interactive World Map - Clickable Countries

Create your own custom World map! Change colors, add pop-ups, markers, links, and more.

Select colors and click countries to fill map

Main color
Hover color

Click on the map or choose from the list to add a link or text to a tooltip.

Double-click to add a point. Click and hold to drag. Double-click to edit.

Check all added features: pop-ups, links, etc.

How to embed an interactive map on a website
Select which platform your website runs on
1 Buy a license or download a demo plugin
  • Support included
  • Compatible with any WP theme and page builder
2 Download map settings
3 How to install
  • Choose in WordPress: “Plugins” - “Add new” - “Upload”, and select the plugin’s ZIP file
  • On the “Maps” page in the plugin settings, click “Import” and select the JSON file with the settings
4 Support
  • Guidelines and a contact form are available on the Support page

1 Buy a license or download a demo map
  • Support included
  • Compatible with most popular CMSs (Squarespace, Shopify, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.)
2 How to install
  • The downloaded ZIP file contains the JS/CSS files that are required to upload to the website.
  • Installation instructions for different CMSs can be found on the Support page.

Already installed the map on the website?

Export the map as an image

Export the map in .PNG format for use in presentations, etc.


Import JSON or “settings.js” file

To edit another map, select from the list
Take your website's user interaction to the next level by implementing our interactive world map plugin. It's a highly customizable map of the world. You can customize it to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this online map editor for?

You can use this editor to create colored map charts and interactive maps in various areas. For example:

  • Reportings, homeworks, PowerPoint presentations,
  • Data visualization, statistical infographics,
  • Business projects, web pages, personal blogs,
  • Election results maps, geography works ... etc.

The map image can be downloaded for free, for an interactive map you need to have a plugin for the website.

What are the differences between the Online Editor and World Map Plugin features?

The online editor allows you to change only the basic map settings - colors of countries, links for countries, adding markers, etc.

The plugin for WordPress has much more customization options, such as grouping countries, displaying content next to the map, integrating with third-party plugins for popups, etc.

Where does the editor store the settings?

It uses web storage, located in the browser and designed to store data (localStorage), to store map settings. This does not use cookies and never sends any data to our server, so if you clear history cache on your browser, you will have to set your map settings again.

If you use the browser in incognito mode, all your preferences will be cleared when you close it. After editing some preferences, you can export the modified settings to a JSON file by selecting the Export tab, and then import them later.