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Interactive HTML5 Maps

free and free-to-try maps for any website

» Maps of World, USA and other countries

» Fit any website or CMS

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Interactive Maps for WordPress

free and premium WP plugins

» Installs in minutes and seamlessly integrates to the site

» Maps of USA, UK and other countries as well as world maps

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Custom Map Development


» We can develop a custom map for any specific task

» Wide range of HTML5/Canvas maps

» High-quality 3D maps for best visualization

World      |      United States      |      Canada      |      United Kingdom      |      Europe      |      France      |      Ireland      |      Spain      |      Italy      |      Germany      |      Australia

Custom Map Development by

If you don't feel completely satisfied with maps we already have on our site and if you need any specific requirements for the map, or if you want any non-standard adjustments to the map, we can offer you our custom map development services.

We can create or modify any HTML5/JavaScript map of your choice. Merging several regions together or splitting a region in parts, creating maps of non-typical geography (for example, any fantasy world map), making a city region map or a map of a trading center or mall, adjusting the color settings of the map to your personal or business requirements, developing multi-level maps and many more - all of it is possible for affordable prices and within a reasonable period of time. And, of course, all custom maps share the features of the standard ones - mobile-friendly, easy to install, custom landing pages, and popup windows.

Get Amazing Customized HTML5 Map or WordPress Map Plugin with full control over the requirements.
Click the below button to order a customized Map.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers already. Please see our custom development portfolio for HTML5 maps below and let us know what you would like, and we will do all our best to make it real!

HTML5 Custom Maps Portfolio

Please see our best HTML5 custom maps that were made for variety of websites. Please note that we are not limited with typical configurations and can make an HTML5 map of virtually any given area.

Map of the Bahamas   Vatican City   US and Canada with custom icons   Combined map of 5 states
Map of the Bahamas   Vatican City Map   Map with custom icons   Combined map with counties

Multi-level map of Florida   New York City with markers   North East of the U.S.   Responsive map of Africa
Multi-level map of Florida   New York City with markers   North East of the U.S.   Responsive map of Africa

Business coverage over US and eastern Canada   Precise control over Connecticut towns   Hovering over Maryland and Delaware for business prospects   Get control over South East of the United States
US and Canada   Connecticut towns   Maryland and Delaware   South East US

Service area locations in Georgia and South Carolina   Combined approach to Pennsylvania and New Jersey   Grouping US States for better business layout   U.S. customized regions to fit business requirements
Service area locations   Pennsylvania and New Jersey   United States   US Regions

Colored US map   Combined map of Spain and Portugal   Canada and US regions   Connecticut zipcodes
Colored US map   Spain and Portugal   United States   Connecticut zipcodes

Combined map of USA, Canada and Mexico   Combined map of Belgium and Luxembourg   Map of Upper Peninsula of Michigan   California Regions
Map of USA, Canada and Mexico   Belgium and Luxembourg   Map of Upper Peninsula of Michigan   California regions

World Map with UK and New Zealand   Sales regions - US, Canada, Mexico   Sales regions - US, Canada, Brazil   US map with hidden states

3D map of the USA   Germany Postcode map   Greater London Postcode map   Combined Map of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

Request form

We will be glad to perform custom development for your request. Fill out the below form with custom requirements or specific query.


If you are looking for further assistance or want to submit any mockup file (in any format such as JPG, PNG, PDF, or Shapefile by Esri ArcGIS), then mail us at email below. We will revert back to you with proposed workflow and estimated costs.

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