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Europe Map with Clickable Countries

You can find even more maps in our WordPress map plugin directory, or in our JavaScript maps section. If you need a map with your own layout, we are happy to offer custom map development services.

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If you are looking for a map of another country in Africa, please contact us.


If you are looking for a map of another country in Asia, please contact us.

South America

If you are looking for a map of another country in South America, please contact us.


Free Map Plugins


WordPress Map Plugins
JavaScript Maps

With our simple & intuitive map plugins, you can display clickable maps for WordPress in no time.
And using the following features, you can make the most out of them:

Unlimited number of maps
An unlimited number of maps with different settings
Color picker
Adjustable colors
Tooltip on hover
Hover to get tooltips
Click events
Customizable click actions — links, pop-ups, and more
Contact info
Display content next to the map
Batch settings
Individual and batch settings
Grouping of states
Group countries/states into macro regions
Map points and markers
Customizable fonts – you choose the color, size, and font-family
Support for CSV spreadsheets
Export/import settings via CSV tables
Integration with plugins
Compatible with Popup Builder, TablePress, and others
Insert via shortcode into a page or post

HTML5 maps are a set of JavaScript/CSS files that are entirely hosted on your server.
You don't need advanced coding knowledge to install, basic HTML is enough.

SVG map
SVG-based vector maps
Adaptive map sizing
Editing settings
Edit settings in a static file/visual editor
Use CSS to design tooltips
Use HTML within the tooltips
Color picker
Customizable colors
Pop-up balloon with contents
Hovering to get tooltips over images and text
Opening links
Add links for any area
Adding points in the visual editor
JavaScript API
Using JavaScript API for event tracking
Dynamic settings
Ability to dynamically generate settings
No need for a Google API key

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