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Here is an interactive visited countries map builder - a service that will show your friends how you’ve conquered the world. Have you traveled a lot and want to boast about your achievements? Maybe you are compiling a dream map of the destinations on your bucket list? Create a custom interactive map in a couple of clicks and share it with your community.

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Embedding the map

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a world map that shows where I've been?

This easy-to-use application lets you generate a map of the countries you've visited. To mark where you've been, simply click on the countries on the map or toggle a checklist item below the map.
You can also change the colors and see statistics on how many countries you've visited.

How many countries have I been to?

This tool can be used to keep track of how many countries you've visited.
Check the "Show stats" box in the "Set Map Parameters" control. Below the map, the number of places you've visited will be displayed.

How do I share a map of my travels around the world?

You may share this map via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using the buttons on this page. When you click the button, it creates a picture for the personalized map and opens a new tab with a link to the social network you chose.
You can also copy the URL and post it to any social platform.
Use the share buttons built into your browser if you opened map maker on a mobile device.

How do I modify the colors used to fill the countries?

There are four color possibilities in the "Set Map Parameters" section. To access the color picker, click on the relevant color square. Once opened, you may select among millions of colors for the countries and boundaries.

What is the best way to save a custom map?

This is a straightforward process that does not require registration. Just copy the one-of-a-kind URL and bookmark it.

How do I embed the map?

You can add a map of visited countries to a website or blog by embedding it.
When you have finished setting up, find the 'Embedding the map' section. Click the 'Copy HTML' button, and then paste the code into your website HTML.

How can I clear the map?

By pressing the "Clear map and reset colors" button, you can easily reset the map. This will reset all of the locations you've visited, as well as your color preferences and customized settings, to their defaults.