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Here is an interactive visited countries map builder - a service that will show your friends how you’ve conquered the world. Have you traveled a lot and want to boast about your achievements? Maybe you are compiling a dream map of the destinations on your bucket list? Create a custom interactive map in a couple of clicks and share it with your community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a world map that shows where I've been?

This easy-to-use application lets you generate a map of the countries you've visited. To mark where you've been, simply click on the countries on the map or toggle a checklist item below the map.
You can also change the colors and see statistics on how many countries you've visited.

How many countries have I been to?

This tool can be used to keep track of how many countries you've visited.
Check the "Show stats" box in the "Set Map Parameters" control. Below the map, the number of places you've visited will be displayed.

How do I share a map of my travels around the world?

You may share this map via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using the buttons on this page. When you click the button, it creates a picture for the personalized map and opens a new tab with a link to the social network you chose.
You can also copy the URL and post it to any social platform.
Use the share buttons built into your browser if you opened map maker on a mobile device.

How do I modify the colors used to fill the countries?

There are four color possibilities in the "Set Map Parameters" section. To access the color picker, click on the relevant color square. Once opened, you may select among millions of colors for the countries and boundaries.

What is the best way to save a custom map?

This is a straightforward process that does not require registration. Just copy the one-of-a-kind URL and bookmark it.

How can I clear the map?

By pressing the "Clear map and reset colors" button, you can easily reset the map. This will reset all of the locations you've visited, as well as your color preferences and customized settings, to their defaults.

Create a visited countries map for WordPress with a few clicks!

Travel is probably one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It was interrupted by a pandemic in 2020, but we hope it will end soon and people will continue to travel.

Most travel bloggers use WordPress to create and maintain a blog. And a question often asked is "How can I organize geographic content on the blog more efficiently and accurately?". With a map of the countries visited, of course!

Certainly, one of the best ways to solve this problem is an interactive map plugin. Adding a clickable map can easily transform a website into a popular web project and completely improve its usability. Also, WordPress is a modern platform that can relieve the user from needing to dive into programming languages and concepts; interactive HTML5 maps are now available as separate plugins. Furthermore, the installation takes no longer than 5 minutes!

Country Travel Map

What is a Visited Countries map?

A visited countries map is a tool for an interactive map that gives the website owner an opportunity to easily mark places where he was while traveling. For example, the user can create a map called “Destinations” where he can highlight all countries that he visited during the life.

What is Interactive World Map for WP plugin from

The Interactive World Map plugin for WP is useful for websites of different directions - non-profit organizations, companies with dealers all over the world, and also travelers. Administrators or site editors easily can add all necessary information to an interactive map with a few clicks. Consequently, this plugin is the best way to make your own visited countries Map!

10 advantages of the plugin

Some features that can help you create a map of visited countries:

  • the usual WordPress interface, which does not require knowledge of coding
  • easy integration of the map to a post, page, widget or WordPress template
  • edit multiple countries simultaneously using "Bulk Edit"
  • opportunity to create several interactive maps
  • ability to customize map with different colors
  • ability to assign a link to any country
  • merge countries into regions (groups)
  • tooltips with text and images when hovering over a country
  • display lists of the countries
  • easy import and export of settings

What is better to use - an online generator or a plugin?

If you just want to share your map of visited countries via social networks, the online generator will suffice. If you want to show a clickable interactive map on your blog, then you should definitely choose a plugin. is not the only service with a visited countries generator, but we think we are the best. There are other map sites you can use, but in our opinion, they have more limitations than our map.

Some of them are:

  • Shooow Me
  • My World Map
  • Virtual Tourist
  • Travbuddy
  • Douweosinga

Those sites have online generators with simple interfaces and a few configurations, however, not all of them can create interactive maps as ours can, they generate just a static image. World maps of the different services vary by the number of countries represented (some small or unrecognized nations are missing). Some sites generate small images: Douweosinga service, for instance, provides maps with a maximum resolution of 450px × 300px. has been developing interactive maps since 2006. By solving problems and realizing the ideas of our clients we created modern interactive maps and plugins for WordPress, which are

  • Fully customizable
  • Optimized for mobile devices,
  • Easy to install and embed,
  • Easy to configure.

All of our interactive maps are carefully tested with many mobile devices and desktop computers!

And most importantly: we offer both solutions - the visited countries generator on this page and the WordPress plugin for serious map customization.