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Welcome to blog!

This is a place where we will post reviews of new and upcoming products, provide tips on configuring the maps and embedding them to a particular CMS or framework. We publish the most interesting use cases, examples, and step-by-step tutorials for our interactive HTML5 maps and WordPress plugins.

Finally, this blog will also cover real-world applications of our maps and announce special offers and discounts as soon as they are available.

5 types of interaction in plugin US Map for WordPress

In this post, we’ll review some living examples of interaction with an interactive map:  the displaying of content near the map after you clicked, the displaying of tooltips, the opening of links, showing lightbox popups, the JavaScript launching. All these features are included both in the US Map for WordPress plugin and in the other […]


How to embed the SVG map into WordPress?

Have you ever thought about how to embed the SVG map into WordPress? For example, the map with your infographics or a plan of your house? Today with the knowledge of suitable web technologies it is very easy…


How to install WordPress plugin from

How to install WordPress plugin from This article is a complete review of WordPress interactive map plugin installation. We will make a comprehensive review of the installation process from the downloading a zip file up to the plugin activation. You can also find a short installation instruction for Windows and MacOS users in the article.


Australia map plugin for WordPress

Interactive map of Australia from is a plugin for WordPress-powered websites that allows placing a geographical-related content into a corporate or stand-alone website with just a few clicks. In this article, we collected 10 inspirational examples of Australia Map plugin for WordPress. Thus you can estimate the full potential of our plugin.


Reviews for interactive maps from works on an interactive maps market for 10 years. And we make really high-quality products! In this post, we collected some reviews and testimonials from our grateful clients.


Version 2.9.8 of premium interactive maps plugins is released!

We are glad to inform you about the release of a new version of premium one-level interactive maps plugins from! This release contains CSV export/import, code optimizations, bug fixes and other improvements


Create a visited countries map for WordPress with a few clicks!

Travelling is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Every year many people visit different countries and share their impressions with friends in their personal WordPress powered websites. And the most popular question for them is: “how can I organize the geographical-related content in more efficient and accurate way?”


Using HTML5 US Map plugin to create infographics

Infographics and data visualization are essential tools to attract attention to a WordPress-powered website. Regardless the topic of a website, infographics can impress visitors with the colorful visualization of huge amounts of data.


Drill-down Map of the USA for WordPress: Here is How You Can Configure 3000+ Counties in Minutes Using CSV Importing

Let’s face it: manual configuration of US counties is not an easy task. Indeed, the USA map has 3000+ of counties in total. Imagine you need to setup the landing pages, the contact information and possibly the visual style for each one of them. Even if you need to adjust only a half of counties, this is still a whole lot of work.


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