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This page features an interactive and customizable map builder showing visited states. You can use it to track your US travel history by marking the states you have previously visited! Create a beautiful custom map in a few clicks, and share it with your community. Also, check out our Interactive US Map for Websites with advanced customization options!

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Embedding the map

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a map of US states that can show where I have been?

This very simple tool allows you to easily create a map of states you have visited. Simply click on the states on the map, or toggle a checklist item below the map to mark where you have been.
You can also customize the colors, turn off labels, and show stats regarding the number of states you have visited.

How many states have I been to?

You can use this tool to track how many US states you have been to.
In the "Set Map Parameters" control, check the "Show stats" box. The number of states where you have been will be displayed below the map.
When the "Show stats" control is active, the exact number of states you have been to and the percentage of states you have visited are shown below the map.

How do I share a map of the states where I've been?

This page features buttons that allow you to share this map via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Once you click the button, it will generate an image for the customized map and opens a new tab directing you to the social network you selected.
You can also copy the URL and share it on any social network.
If you opened map maker from a mobile device, use the share buttons built into your browser.

How do I change the colors that the states are filled with?

In the "Set Map Parameters" section, you will see four color options. Click on the associated color square to open the color picker. Once opened, can choose from millions of colors for the states and borders.

How do I save a customized map?

This can be done easily, and without the need for registration. Simply copy the unique URL and add it to your bookmarks.

How do I reset the map?

You can quickly reset the map by clicking the "Clear map and reset colors" button. Note, this will reset all the states you have visited, along with reverting your color options and customized settings back to their default.