US Interactive Map for Websites

Get an interactive, easily customizable map of the US with clickable states and markers. Apply colors, links, pop-up balloons, and more!
Formats to Buy/Download:
info Fully visual interface. No coding required.
info A set of JS / CSS files. Suitable for any site.
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Improve your website’s usability and attractiveness by using our multifunctional maps of the US. We offer a WordPress plugin and HTML5-powered JavaScript maps.


Examples of use

Below are live examples of popular uses on company websites. All examples are clickable.

Combine states into regions according to your sales reps.

Show any content next to the map when you click on states, like contact information, etc.

Add anchor links to scroll to sections below on the page.

Even more use cases on the Demos page.


Simple installation and customization
Easily install the US Map WordPress plugin or HTML5 JavaScript map! It just takes a few clicks — no coding is required!
High compatibility
The WordPress plugin can be used with Divi, Avada, and any other WordPress theme.
Fully responsive & mobile-friendly
Our map’s high-performance design is compatible across all browsers and Android/iOS devices.
Comprehensive built-in features
Add tooltips, markers, and content next to the map, and more! We offer many built-in features and integrations with third-party plugins.
Unique functions
Merging of states, bulk editing, export/import settings, caching for the download-boost – these functions are simple and fast!
Our dedicated support team is happy to help you with anything – just reach out via email or start an online chat!

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Our WordPress plugin version of the Interactive Map of the United States is simple and functional. The easy-to-use admin panel offers a fully visual interface for map configuration – no coding required. Enjoy benefits like:

Unlimited number of maps
An unlimited number of maps with different settings
Color picker
Apply adjustable colors to states and markers
Tooltip on hover
Hover to get tooltips
Click events
Customizable click actions — links, pop-ups, and more
Contact info
Display content next to the map
Batch settings
Individual and batch settings for states
Grouping of states
Group states into regions
Map points and markers
Customizable fonts – you choose the color, size, and font-family
Support for CSV spreadsheets
Export/import settings via CSV tables
Integration with plugins
Compatible with Popup Builder, TablePress, and others
Insert via shortcode into a page or post

The HTML5 version of the map is a set of JavaScript and CSS files used to embed the map into CMS websites like Joomla, Drupal, and Squarespace. You don’t need advanced coding knowledge, but basic HTML is sufficient. Features include:

SVG map
SVG-based map of the USA with clickable states
Adaptive map sizing
Editing settings
Edit settings in a static file/visual editor
Use CSS to design tooltips
Use HTML within the tooltips
Color picker
Colors for states, points, and other things
Pop-up balloon with contents
Hovering to get tooltips with images and text
Opening links
Click on a state to open a link
Adding points in the visual editor
JavaScript API
Using JavaScript API for event tracking
Dynamic settings
Dynamically generating map settings
No need for a Google API key


Pricing for the US Interactive Map

Select the product type

$49 / year
(billed annually)
  • 1 website + dev/staging websites
  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of updates
$99 / once
(one-time fee)
  • 1 website + dev/staging websites
  • Lifetime priority support
  • Lifetime updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the plugin?

You can install WordPress plugin in the following way:

  • Use the Plugins -> Add new -> Upload menu and select plugin's ZIP file to open.
  • Wait for the upload to complete and activate the plugin.
  • Edit the map settings, and then insert the map shortcode into the text of a page or a post where you want the map to be placed.

Shortcodes can be viewed on the "Preview" tab or "Maps Dashboard" page.

What's the difference between a WordPress plugin and an HTML5 version of the map?

They are the same map, but the WordPress plugin has a completely visual interface for managing map settings. Using the WordPress map plugin doesn't require any coding knowledge and it's very simple.

The HTML5 version (includes a set of JS, CSS files) is intended for use in Joomla, Drupal, plain HTML sites, etc. JavaScript version of the map requires a basic knowledge of HTML.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card - secure online ordering (all major credit cards accepted).
How many maps can be created in the plugin?

The plugin allows you to create any number of maps with different settings. Each map has its own shortcode for embedding.

Is the plugin compatible with any WP-theme?

Yes. The plugin is compatible with any WP-theme including popular Divi and Avada themes. It is also compatible with any Page Builder plugin.

Where can I insert/display the map?

You can insert your map in any post, page and also in widgets, for instance in the sidebar. The code of the map can also be directly integrated into the WordPress theme template, if necessary.

Does the HTML5 map of the USA require jQuery?

JavaScript map does not require jQuery. The map script uses the Raphael library. The map has a JavaScript API with a set of methods for tracking clicks, hovering, and other events, as well as for dynamically changing properties.

Do you offer special customization if needed?

Yes, we offer customization and development functions for the maps and functions that are not included in the standard plugins. For example, if you need to split the states or create a completely different map.


Support is available via online chat and e-mail