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How to insert a responsive map in Tabs by Elementor Page Builder

In this post, we will provide ready-made code that will help you use interactive maps by along with Tabs in Elementor Page Builder.


Real Examples of Custom JS Scripts for WordPress Maps

Use some of these custom JS script examples to extend the functionality of interactive maps on your WordPress website.


How to customize the font for an interactive map?

Have you paid any attention to the font style you are using with your interactive maps? it can be awfully off-putting if the maps come with a different font style which is unsynchronous with your site. It can affect your site’s aesthetics and hamper user experience.


How To Add an Interactive Map of India to Your WordPress Website

If your online businesses cater to an Indian audience, then including an interactive map of India, can really help improve the user experience. You can customize them to be more visually immersive and to help convey location-based information to your users.


Integration of Interactive US map with the Popup Builder plugin for displaying popups

In this article, we will carry out a step-by-step integration of our Interactive US maps with the free Popup Builder plugin. Interactive maps from – a great way to increase the user engagement on the site.


How to Make a World Map with localized country names

This tutorial explains how to build a world map with country names in your local language: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugal or Portugal. These are languages supported by our World Map for WordPress thanks to free language packs.


Creating Interactive Map of FIFA World Cup Best Results in 15 Minutes

World Cup 2018 has started! And to celebrate this, we’ve came up with a guide on creating an interactive infographics that displays the best result countries ever achieved in FIFA World Cup. Starting from scratch, the entire process takes as little as 15 minutes.


Adding Custom JavaScript to the Map

As of version, our WordPress map plugins support a new advanced feature. Now you can add custom JavaScript code to the map. This code executes after the map is drawn and has access to most of map’s properties. Thanks to this feature you can implement all kinds of interactive behavior previously impossible or hard to do.


An interview with our Satisfied Customer

We recently got in touch with one of our customers who has been using World Map Plugin for their blog. We always wanted some good suggestions from our customers and we ask the following questions from the user of World Map Plugin.


Bulk Edit feature of USA Map plugin

If you are running a business website on WordPress, and you have a wide network in the USA, then you must consider using an interactive USA Map plugin to provide all the information to your visitors. Recently, a new feature has been introduced in the plugin that will allow you to do bulk editing for multiple states at a time.


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