Improve the usability and appeal of your site with our feature-rich maps. We offer WordPress plugins and JavaScript maps.

Maps for any websites

Our maps fit any website and any business. Whenever you need to show the geography of your company and provide users with an easier way to pick a particular office or rep - Fla-shop maps are just the right choice.

Perfect solution for the following applications

  • Branch/dealer network
  • Distributors maps
  • Sales regions maps
  • Website navigation
  • Visualization of statistical data
  • Interactive infographics
Maps for any websites

Premium WordPress plugins

Many of our maps are available as WordPress plugins - an ideal option for your blog or WordPress-powered website. Instant installation and easy configuration. Compatible with any WP themes and Page Builders.

Work with any CMS

Our maps are 100% compatible with most popular CMSs including Squarespace, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, and frameworks like Bootstrap, and others. The map can be easily embedded into your website and looks relevant.

Web design

Simple install for novices

Installing the map is easy - a few simple steps, less than 10 minutes. You need no specific skills or knowledge. The configuration and customization of the map are also absolutely effortless.

Powerful API for pros

Whenever you need more flexibility use the map's API and change almost any parameter of the map in runtime! Use event handlers and rich functionality to fulfill all your dreams!

Free map tools

Free map tools

Introducing two new free tools - the visited countries map generator and the visited states map generator. Mark the states or countries you've visited and share the map on social networks.

Free WordPress plugins are available for download for maps of U.S. regions.

Try customising the Interactive World Map or editing the US map in the new online editor.

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