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Interactive HTML5 Maps

free and free-to-try maps for any website

» Maps of World, USA and other countries

» Fit any website or CMS

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Interactive Maps for WordPress

free and premium WP plugins

» Installs in minutes and seamlessly integrates to the site

» Maps of USA, UK and other countries as well as world maps

» Support for iPhone/iPad/Android


Custom Map Development


» We can develop a custom map for any specific task

» Wide range of HTML5/Canvas maps

» High-quality 3D maps for best visualization

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JavaScript US map HTML5-powered JavaScript Map of the U.S. for websites

JavaScript USA Map Locator 2.2.4


  • HTML5 Map of the U.S. for websites
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, Android and all major desktop browsers
  • Responsive or Static size
  • Change colors, links in settings file
  • Popups with photo and text
  • JavaScript API
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The innovation of this fully-clickable interactive US map will revolutionize your website navigation and provide visitors with a simple and seamless method of accessing information on other pages within your website. Using the map as a central navigation tool, information can be accessed with greater speed, enhanced interaction, and a lot more fun! Your website will look a lot more modern and professional. The map can either be used "as is" or use the inbuilt features to fully and easily customized the map to suit your specific requirements. In just a few minutes, the whole look of the map can be altered - whether it is color, captions or links. You may wish to use or addition services to customise you maps even further.


Maps for any websites

Our maps fit any website and any business. Whenever you need to show the geography of your company and provide to users a simpler way to pick a certain office or rep – Fla-shop maps are just the right choice.

Work with any CMS

Our maps are 100% compatible with a most popular CMS including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and frameworks like jQuery, mootols, prototype, Bootstrap and others. The map easily embeds to your website and looks totally native.
  Maps for CMS

WordPress plugins  

Premium WordPress plugins

Many of our maps are available as WordPress plugins – an ideal option for your blog or WordPress-powered website. Instant setup, easy configuration, automatic updates.

Simple install for novices

Installing the map is easy – few simple steps and less than 10 minutes. You need no specific skills or knowledge. And configuration and customization of the map are absolutely effortless too.


Powerful API for pros

Whenever you need more flexibility use map's API and change almost any parameter of the map in run-time! Use event handlers and rich functionality to implement all your dreams!

Lots of examples

Quickly adopt the map to your specific needs thanks to dozens of map usage examples, comprehensive API reference and interactive preview.

New releases and custom interactive map announces


  We released the USA map plugin for WordPress with a brand new lightbox popups. Put any content inside: HTML, video, images, links.

  Check out new Greater London Postcode map for WordPress. Districts, colors, popups and custom landing pages in 3 min setup.

  We released the France map WordPress plugin with new 2016 system featuring 18 regions.


  All docs and manuals to WP plugins and JS maps are now available at


  A new HTML5 USA Map for websites is here! Mobile-friendly, responsive, JavaScript API

  A new two-level USA Map for Wordpress is here! 100% mobile-friendly, responsive design, easy setup

  New promo video for US Interactive map for WordPress! Watch on Youtube! //

  New interactive Postcode Map of the United Kingdom is released! Zoom in/out, new API, responsive etc.

  We released WordPress Plugin HTML5 Map of Greater London boroughs

  Announcing the all new World Map for WordPress!

  Now you can download a FREE map of the World plugin for your WordPress site!

  New HTML5 Zoomable Map of the World is released! Zoom in/out, latitude/longitude support, markers etc.

  New version of the U.S. Map plugin for Wordpress. Now, without limit on number of maps!


  The first HTML5 Zoom map of US, with cities and latitude/longitude support has just been released

  We are glad to introduce our new product - Multi-level USA HTML5 map! 52 high-quality maps of U.S. states for best..

  Our new version of Postcode Map of UK for Wordpress is released! Enjoy!

  We are glad to introduce a new Interactive Canada Map plugin for Wordpress.

  The HTML5 map of Ireland for websites has been released

  HTML5-powered JavaScript Map of Belgium Provinces for websites


  The new version 1.3.2 of HTML5-powered JavaScript Map of US for websites has been released. It fixes map's behavior if other JS scripts are running



We announce exclusive special offer: now all maps are available with 20% discount.
Coupon code: maps20


"With traffic to our site at an all time high I needed to focus on making site easier to use and find a way to increase the number of daily leads generated. When I installed the US Map on the front page of the site I was hoping to double the leads generated. We actually tripled the leads coming in and the site looks 100% better with the map. When we installed an additional map on another site we were able to pick up a new advertiser within the first week because of the the popup advertising potential of version 4.0."
Bill Simms CEO
Quote Guy Marketing Inc

"We have used several times. The support is first-class and the product is fantastic! and so easy to use. I cant recommend highly enough"
Mark Stevens,
Advantage Healthcare Group

"The map was a breeze to set up and it works flawlessly. Very good value for money. Thank you!"
Martin, Webmaster

"Fla-shop maps are a great resource for our clients. Their willingness to customize maps means there is a solution for most any situation that arises."

"I’ve been using a variety of maps from Fla-shop for several years now and my clients love them. They are easy to configure and install with a great variety of options. The support team at Fla-shop is wonderful and very responsive as well. I highly recommend!"
Peri Lane,
The Abel Group

"We are succesfully using the Fla-shop maps for our country based landingpages. Since we were using this fascinating and easy to configure script the time needed to setup a landingpage reduced by 50%. Because of the XML configuration structure we are able to integrate it our application. It's fun and easy. We can fully recommend the Fla-shop maps."
Tobias Henze,
Head of User Experience of

"I would just like to thank and specifically support team for delivering and absolutely fantastic product. The Zoom World Map integrated seamlessly with my website and was incredibly easy to customise to my exact specifications. Anything I was unsure of, Support helped me with virtually instantly by email, as well as customising the dimensions of the map to suit my needs perfectly. I just want to thank for supplying this superb tool."
Chris Davies
Katalyst Creative

"I would like to thank everyone at FLA-SHOP.COM for all the patience and help given me over the last few days. I was amazed how easy they were to work with. My paticular project required some customizing and I was surprised at how quickly my questions were not only answered, but acted upon. Reasonable pricing, professional service, friendly people; what more could you ask for. When I require another map, guess who I'm going to call(no, not the Ghostbusters). The entire staff of FLA-SHOP are to be commended."
J. Wright, Creative Director
Video Magic Productions

"The staff at are very supportive, and the product is a dream to work with in terms of flexibility. A huge time-saver for those looking to incorporate great looking clickable maps, highly recommended."
Darren Lee, President,

"Out of the few websites that offer detailed selector area maps, FLA-Shop had some of the best looking ones. I had a few questions, and so I contacted one of their sales reps. I was answered within the hour and I was walked through the processes from ordering to delivery (they even gave me a coupon!) of the US State and County maps set. Which, by the way, were not only easy to use, but also came with extremely detailed instructions for fine tuning. If I ever need some maps for a project again, I will definitely be be back!"
Isaac Jessup
Jessup Web Design, LLC

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that so far I've been extremely pleased with your maps. I've purchased two now and have been impressed with the quality and functionality of them. Keep up the good work!"
TJ Malkasian
American Debt Solution

"I would like to thank the team at for the brilliant help and support we have received from them. At very short notice they were able to create a custom map for our villa rental site
Integration of the maps is easy and we have seen an increase in our conversion rate since implementing them. Based on this we have made a decision to use locator maps on any future projects that require a map"
Graham, Managing Director
Holiday Cottages and Villa Rentals

"The locator map is very easy to implement! It fits perfectly into any layout or design, because everything (states, citys, labels, etc) is customizable. It was exactly what I was looking for. Since I couldn't find a single bug, I purchased another one for the next website! ;-)"
Mr. Denis Maibaum
FloraKing Blumenversand UG

"I am not a developer; so, when I needed an interactive map for a new site, I thought it was going to be a costly and frustrating project. After some research, I found Fla-Shop and it has been a great experience. Not only does the map do everything I wanted it to do, support team helped me several times and at various stages to make sure the map worked on my site. I am very impressed with the quality of the product, the low cost, and the dedication of the staff to make sure that their products actually work on my site. I look forward to buying more maps and anything else Fla-Shop offers."

"We contacted between Christmas and the New Year period for one of their 'Locator Maps'. We needed the map resized and had very tight deadlines for integration with a new website roll out. Despite the season, fla-shop delivered the product fully customized to our requirements for a mere $90. Integration was a breeze with their XML configuration file. We did have a couple of minor problems, but they were met head on by some of the best after-sales technical support I have encountered for a budget off-the-shelf web product. Friendly, personable and rapid, oozing with expertise. Many thanks to all the team at Fla-Shop!"
Adam, Web Development Manager,
Dream Ireland Holiday Homes

"I have just bought Zoom World Map and I am delighted with the quality of the maps and the attention to detail. The map names and linked URL's are easy to configure, and so are the colours of the maps and any text you wish to pop-up. The level of support is truly exceptional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone wishing to include maps as a part of their website development and navigation. The Zoom World Map is so good that I will certainly be buying other maps in the future for other web projects which are currently in the pipeline. Thank you for an excellent value-for-money product, prompt response to any questions, and superb customer care."
Graeme Storey
(Web Developer)

"We use the Multi-Level World Map and it does a fantastic job for us. It's easy to configure, easily enhanced via customisation and above all looks great! When we did experience a few teething problems, support were first class and not only answered our questions promptly but also resolved them first time every time. Can't recommend the product and support highly enough."
Steven Gardner

"I'm thrilled with my map! I love that I can customize the map, including and eliminating the different elements that are pertinent to my site. The external xml files are easy and intuitive to edit. The few minor issues that I encountered implementing the map were resolved quickly and professionally. I would recommend Fla-Shop to any web developer looking for an interactive map."

"USA Map Locator does exactly what I need it to do, at a small fraction of the cost of competing products. The technical support I received was excellent. I highly recommend USA Locator 3.0, and"
Patrick Dornan

"We worked with FLA Shop to make several customizations to the USA map. They were very responsive at all times and changed it exactly the way we requested. Many kudos to them for a great product and support."
Newark, DE

"The U.S. map was sooo easy to configure the way I wanted. Your company has excellent products. Again, as a developer this is one of the best things i've ever bought to assist me in a project. Saved me hours and it HIGH QUALITY and flexible."

"I really took a lot of time to research all of the clickable maps on the internet, downloading several different programs to see what I had to work with. After reviewing all of my options, my final choice was mainly due to the fact that the design was very nice and the interactivity completely draws you in.
Setting this map up on our company navigation site was easy and the ability to alter the map to coordinate with our preferences was simple as well. This is a very stylish application that commands attention and really the best one out there. Extremely happy with the results.
I also can't say enough about your customer service, very nice, professional and quick to answer all of my questions."
Dyanne Schrepfer (Michigan, USA)
Bar's Products, Inc.

"I have used the USA Locator map now in two different applications and it has worked very well. It is easy to create the XML documents from our database which add the content to the map interaction."
Bo Reahard, MBA,CMA,

"We are using Golden World and USA Map Locator to visualize the country of origin of our Alumni. The map is incredible flexible. We connected the map to our CRM-Software. The Joomla implementation on our website looks awesome! Thanks!"
Jens Blank,
Institute of Development Research and Development Policy

"Our company bought a number of interactive maps from and uses them to develop web applications for interactive TV systems for hospital markets in Canada and USA
We had a very positive experience dealing with this company. The products were delivered in time; the user information was complete and useful and allows us to insert the maps in our applications without problems.
This is a solid product with strong technical support behind. Highly recommended."
C. Lacatus
CEO iAxxess Inc.

"I run a website that helps people find DUI lawyers in every state and county in the United States, and I needed a more robust and user-friendly map selection than the html maps I had been using. I had the good fortune of finding and was very impressed with what I saw. I decided to take a chance and bought one of the basic USA state maps. When I installed it on my site at // it looked and worked so well that I wanted to have a map for every state.
Support worked with me to make the transition easy. It was very responsive, and even gave me credit for the previous version that I was upgrading. When the code for the all state map set didn't fit my site perfectly, they actually rewrote the code to make it work and guided me through the process. I can't say enough good things about this company. I am now in the process of implementing the maps for every state on my website.
I don't often get to say this, but it's my pleasure to tell you that I recommend to anybody looking to improve their website with interactive maps. In fact, I'm so impressed, if anybody is seriously considering buying from them and wants to ask questions about my experience or how easy it was to get it working (with their help), feel free to call me at my office at 480-951-3200.
If I ever have a custom project in the future, they will be the first company I call."
Dan Jaffe
Attorney & Webmaster

"USA Map Locator is one of the best WP plugins we've used yet. Not only is it customizable to match the look and feel of any website, but it's extremely easy to use. Unlike other third party plugins there is no period of "trying to figure how it works". USA Map Locator comes with very detailed instructions and is one of the most user friendly pieces of software we've ever come across."
Ed Buringrud
AI Software, Inc.

"I have looked around the net for some time to find easy-to-use map software for my office space sites but none come anywhere close to For my latest map on, i simply downloaded the map, edited the settings file and my excellent new navigation system was live in less than one hour. I highly recommend the maps from"
James Welch

"Our website relies heavily on the US map for finding information in different parts of the US. We searched high and low to find a US map to keep the well branded look and give a WOW factor to our visitors. When we found and their map solutions, we were floored. It is so easy to impliment and can be branded to any look you wish through a simple XML file. We are extremely satisfied and would tell anybody about this product. Thanks for making something that has been needed for a VERY long time!"
Barry Cedergren

"After a thorough research I've found the fla-shop maps much better than any other. I've purchased the Golden World and USA Map and satisfied 100%. Ease of changing the XML file from the database - that's just tremendous. You can control literally everything on the map - colors, popup texts, links etc. Another huge advantage is the price. It's simply impossible to find another product of this quality and usability for that money. And the support is great as well. I needed a small customization of the purchased map - it was done extremely fast. After all I can highly recommend the products of this company to anyone who needs a really professional, well designed, lightweight, easy to use and implement interactive map for their websites."
Zoltan T.

"We are using several US maps on our different websites. We are satified to say that the map is easy for our developer to use and very attractive to our clients. It makes development job much easier and quicker, the support is rapid and helpful as well. Thanks for your great work!"
Lei Jiang
Franchise Direct (McGarry Internet Ltd)

"We spent a lot of time looking around for the ideal interactive maps for our charity website and finally found the maps at Fla-Shop. We have been overwhelmed by the range of maps that they have and their willingness and ability to custom design interactive maps for us. The ongoing service after we purchased the maps was exceptional. Nothing was a problem for Fla-shop and his staff in helping us to get the maps set up on our website. We believe these are simply the best and value-for-money interactive maps on the internet by far and our site users agree so we have joined the Fla-Shop affiliate program to help others find this amazing service, and, earn a little income for our charity at the same time."
John S

"The map is attractive, easy to setup and we were able to blend it into our website and choose our popup photos for the states and countries. We then tested the map with a group of people asking about ease of use. The info came back 100% in favor of using the map to navigate our website. One answer simple told us, "its fun!" We then made the decision to make the map a focal point our website. Thank you from all of us!"
David Sorlie
Senior Moments Travel Online

"Okay, so I spent hours searching for a site map that fit certain criteria; attractiveness, ease of use (for the user), functionality, ease of site integration and browser cross compatibility. And fit the need perfectly. The map is attractive with the ability to blend the map into your site's color scheme. Simple and effective user interaction displaying necessary company information with all configuration done through an xml file. Site integration was a breeze with no functionality issues with IE, Firefox or Netscape. In a word, Perfect!"
R. Leonhardt

"I have employed Map Locators from on a number of web sites for various clients over the past couple of years and I am more than satisfied with these products! My clients love the way they look and operate and their site visitors enjoy the experience as well. I'm sure I'll be using them again and I certainly advise anyone who is thinking about making a purchase to go ahead -- you will be glad you did!"
Alan Horvath | AH Web Designs

"I have ordered several maps from FLA-Shop, and I find them easy to work with and very attractive to visitors. But what impresses me the most is the quick and solid support I get from Support Manager. When ever I have an issue (which is very rare), he answers me quickly and fixes it. Thanks! I would recommend their products to everyone!"
Jami G. Denver, CO

"This is by far the best map on the web. It has user friendly customization for novice web builders and the interactive map is impressive to site visitors!"
Patrick K.

"With over 170 cities covered in our directory, we needed a visual map solution to improve navigation. The USA Map Locator not only works great, it looks great too. It took only about an hour to install and we can easily change the colors, look and feel of the map in minutes just using a text editor with the "find and replace" feature. I had two clients comment on how much they like the new navigation on our site within a few days of the install. Thanks and keep up the good work!!"
Brian Divird

"We have purchased and implemented 6 maps from and are very pleased with functionality of the product. Support team has been excellent in responding to technical questions and customizing maps to our needs. If you're looking to build an interactive map I would strongly recommend partnering with Their product implementation will save you time and money."
Martin Stasaitis
DevBridge, Inc.

"What a great product !!
This does exactly as advertised and so much more ...
We use it for maps of our sales reps by territory and it allows our visitors drill down to different regions and states.
The color and layout options are fantastic and the programming is the best I've seen.
The XML interface is a breeze to use.
We just purchased our second map and couldn't be happier with the results !
Thank you so much for such a fine product !!

It's simply the best one out there."
Dave White
Oatey Company

"Before I got USA Map Locator 2.8, I had homes all over the US in one location on my website It was very hard for my target audience to locate specific properties within each state without going through all the properties, which left my customers feeling frustrated. Now with USA Map Locator 2.8, the process is smooth and the program was easy to place on my site. I was also excited to play with the added features and color templates. Thanks for your quick processing with my order and for this amazing product. I can't wait to grow and get the USA and County Map Locator 1.0 in the near future."
Dave Van Nus
Founder of Lease Option Group

"Providing a first-class product, at the best price, Fla-Shop has taken advantage of the innovative technology and produced the sharpest product on then market today. Ease of use, quick load time and ability to fit any application (asp) Fla-Shop maps has greatly improved our websites interactivity. I have purchased many different map applications, some at twice the price of Fla-Shop, and found them to be “lacking” both in ability and in appearance. I would recommend this product above all others currently on the market. "
Steve Munro – Senior Programmer,
National Workforce Institute, Troy Michigan

"I'm a web developer with a client who wanted to display all stores throughout the country that carry her products. While I don't do Flash I wanted something with some visual appeal. After looking at a dozen different solutions I chose Their map looks very professional and the XML was easy to rewrite from my database. Since I was able to control all the colors on the map it blends seamlessly with the website and my client is very pleased."
Jon Summerfield
Blue Avenue Design

"We needed a map to show our sales representative's territories. The World & USA Map Locator from fits our need perfectly. It is well designed and it uses an XML file that we can generate from our existing database.
It is much less expensive that the competitors and in my opinion it is more versatile. Highly recommended."
Vince Shockney (Indiana, USA)

"I'm 110% satisfied with my purchase! As a web professional, I purchased the USA Map Locator to use on a high-profile clients' website. They absolutely love it! The map looks incredible, and adds so much value to our customers and site visitors. Easy to set up and customize. I recommend it to everyone. The customer service is excellent too! Fast response time, helpful and knowledgeable team."
Marija Joksimovic (USA)

"I just purchased USA Map Locator 2.1. I'm creating a frontend for a shopping cart for a client. I Googled for a week to find the best map product to accomplish the task; and no one else's product came EVEN CLOSE to yours in terms of visual appeal, ease of customization, and ease of incorporation into a database-driven backend. I've had the product for less than 30 minutes and I've already got the popup rollover windows plugged into dynamic data from the shopping cart product database. Thanks for a great product!"
Zeke Moore (Arkansas USA)

"The maps from FLA-Shop are the best you can get. Having done a lot of research into interactive maps, I decided on FLA-shop because of how easily you can quickly change the colours and link destinations in the map. Also, the support from the FLA-Shop team has been superb!"
David (United Kingdom)

"We have now been using Fla-shop maps for a period of time and are delighted with there ease of use especially in the construction of navigation through the xml files. The maps provide a crisp and clear source to view, and offer the user a friendly and informative navigation. We would also add that the after sales service if friendly and efficient. An ideal navigation map for any website!"
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