Canada Map

Create your own interactive map of Canada! Change colors, add pop-ups, markers, links, and more.

Choose colors and fill in the map

Main color
Hover color

Click on the map or choose from the list to add a link or text to a tooltip.

Double-click to add a point. Click and hold to drag. Double-click to edit.

How to embed an interactive map on a website
Select which platform your website runs on
1 Buy a license or download a demo plugin
  • Lifetime license
  • Support included
  • Compatible with any WP theme and page builder
2 Download map settings
3 How to install
  • Choose in WordPress: “Plugins” - “Add new” - “Upload”, and select the plugin’s ZIP file
  • On the “Maps” page in the plugin settings, click “Import” and select the JSON file with the settings
4 Support
  • Guidelines and a contact form are available on the Support page

1 Buy a license or download a demo map
  • Lifetime license
  • Support included
  • Compatible with most popular CMS (Squarespace, Shopify, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.)
2 How to install
  • The downloaded ZIP file contains the JS/CSS files that are required to upload to the website.
  • Installation instructions for different CMS can be found on the Support page.

Export the map as an image

Export the map in .PNG format for use in presentations, etc.


Import JSON or “settings.js” file

To edit another map, select from the list

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an interactive Canada map?

This web application makes it easy to create an interactive Canada map. In the "Colors" tab, you can choose colors and fill each province with a different color. The "Links & Tooltips" tab allows you to add links for the provinces and create pop-up content. The "Markers" tab allows you to add markers to the map, choose marker icons, and create pop-up content with titles, links, and text. You can export the map as a PNG image for free or download a demo version of the plugin for WordPress or a JS/CSS map for any website.

How does the online editor differ from the Canada Map WordPress plugin?

The online editor provides basic customization options for provinces and markers. The Canada Map WordPress plugin, on the other hand, offers a wider range of customization options, including zooming, fonts, shadows, and more. It also provides more opportunities for creating interactive maps. For example, it allows you to show additional content when a user clicks on the map, or to integrate with popup plugins. Additionally, the plugin makes it easy to publish the map using a shortcode.

How are map settings saved in the online editor?

The map settings are saved using web storage located in the browser, which is specifically designed to store data (localStorage). This means that no data is sent to our server and no cookies are used. However, clearing the history and site data in your browser will reset the settings. If you are using incognito mode, the settings will not be saved when you close the window. In this case, you can export the settings to a JSON file on the Export tab after editing and import the file when needed.