Drill-down World Map for WordPress

Get an interactive, easily customizable map of the World with clickable continents, countries, states and points. Apply colors, links, pop-up balloons, and more!
Improve the usability of your site! Put a drill-down map on your site and give visitors an easy, visual way to learn about your worldwide presence.


Simple installation and customization
Easily install the WordPress plugin in a few clicks - no coding is required!
High compatibility
The plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme and page builder.
24/7 Support
Our dedicated support team is happy to help you with anything – just reach out via email or start an online chat!

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The plugin's visual interface allows you to customize the colors, add links and tooltips, as well as the content displayed next to the map.
Enjoy benefits like:

Unlimited number of maps
Multi-level map from continents to counties
Color picker
Apply adjustable colors to any area
Tooltip on hover
Hover to get tooltips
Click events
Customizable click actions - link or display content
Contact info
Display content next to the map
Add points for any level
Support for CSV spreadsheets
Export/import settings via CSV tables
Insert via shortcode into a page/post


Prices for Drill-down World map

All licenses assume use for one website, including all subdomains. Development and testing on other websites is also allowed.

2-level World Map
$149 / once
  • 1 level - continents
  • 2 level - countries
  • Support included
3-level World Map
$199 / once
  • 1 level - continents
  • 2 level - countries
  • 3 level - states/regions/provinces
  • Support included
4-level World Map
$249 / once
  • 1 level - continents
  • 2 level - countries
  • 3 level - states/regions/provinces
  • 4 level - counties (U.S. only)
  • Support included

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the plugin?

You can install WordPress plugin in the following way:

  • Use the Plugins -> Add new -> Upload menu and select plugin's ZIP file to open.
  • Wait for the upload to complete and activate the plugin.
  • Edit the map settings, and then insert the map shortcode into the text of a page or a post where you want the map to be placed.

Shortcodes can be viewed on the "Preview" tab or "Maps Dashboard" page.

What is the difference between 2-level, 3-level and 4-level maps?

The difference is the number of levels and maps included in the plugin. The 2-level map includes a world map for the first level, and continent maps for the second level - Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, North America and South America.

The 3-level map additionally displays a country-level divided into states/regions/provinces. The plugin includes most of the world's countries.

The 4-level map additionally includes a state-level with clickable counties (the US only).

How does the drill-down map work?

Drill-down map

What payment options do you offer?

We offer the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card – secure online ordering (all major credit cards accepted).
What is included in a regular license?

A lifetime license for production domain + option for testing and developing in another domain.

How many maps can be created in the plugin?

The plugin allows you to create any number of maps with different settings. Each map has a different shortcode for embedding.

Is the plugin compatible with any WP-theme?

Yes. The plugin is compatible with any WP-theme including popular Divi and Avada themes. It is also compatible with any Page Builder plugin.

How do I embed a map into a page?

The map is embedded in a page or post using a shortcode. Copy the shortcode on the Preview tab, and paste where you want to display the map. When working in page builder, use a shortcode block.

Do you have a drill-down map for non-WordPress websites?

Yes, we can offer drill-down maps suitable for any type of website. This is a set of JS/CSS files, and requires a basic knowledge of HTML.

Do you offer special customization if needed?

Yes, we offer customization and custom map development upon request.


Support is available via online chat and e-mail