Best WordPress Plugins for SVG Support in 2023

by Shahaneaz Shaikat |

WordPress doesn’t support SVG files natively. In this guide, we compare the top plugins for adding SVG support to WordPress including SVG Support, Safe SVG, WP SVG Images, and Easy SVG Support. See which one best fits your needs.


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based image file format that is ideal for displaying logos, icons, and other graphics on websites. SVGs are vector images, meaning they are built using geometric formulas rather than a grid of pixels.

This makes SVGs incredibly lightweight and scalable without any loss of image quality. Using SVGs can benefit WordPress sites by improving performance and enabling better branding opportunities through detailed, high-resolution logos.

However, WordPress does not natively support uploading and using SVG files. Plugins are required to integrate SVG functionality. In this article, we will review some of the top WordPress plugins for easily adding SVG support:

  • SVG Support
  • Safe SVG
  • WP SVG Images
  • Easy SVG Support

For details on manually adding SVG support by editing WordPress code, see our guide on enabling SVG file uploads in WordPress.

Now let’s take a look at how these plugins can help you work with SVGs in WordPress.

Plugin 1: SVG Support

SVG Support provides complete SVG integration, allowing you to upload, style and animate SVGs within WordPress.

Plugin page

SVG Support plugin

Key features include:

  • Upload SVGs to media library like images
  • Optional sanitization and minification
  • Inline SVG code for CSS styling and animation
  • Simple settings page with instructions
  • Restrict SVG access to admins only
  • Replace IMG tags with inline SVG code

A major benefit of this plugin is the ability to inline SVG code, making elements targetable for styling and animation with CSS. This unlocks more design flexibility compared to just embedding SVGs.

However, advanced features like styling require enabling “Advanced Mode”, so it is not as beginner friendly. There are also potential performance trade-offs of inlining SVG code vs linking files.

Overall, SVG Support works best for developers and designers wanting to fully style and manipulate SVGs with CSS and JavaScript. It provides the most control for advanced SVG implementations.

Plugin 2: Safe SVG

Safe SVG focuses purely on secure SVG integration in WordPress. It sanitizes SVG files on upload and optimizes them using SVGO compression.

Plugin page

Safe SVG plugin

Key features:

  • Sanitizes SVGs to remove malicious code
  • Optimizes SVGs with SVGO for smaller file sizes
  • Previews SVGs in media library
  • Controls permissions for SVG uploads

The main advantage of this plugin is the security-first approach. By sanitizing SVGs, it prevents dangerous scripts or code from being embedded. The optimization also improves site performance.

In summary, Safe SVG prioritizes security and performance for SVG usage. For site owners wanting to allow SVGs safely, it handles the basics well.

Plugin 3: WP SVG Images

WP SVG Images provides a lightweight SVG integration focused on security. All uploaded SVG files are automatically sanitized before being saved to the media library.

Plugin page

WP SVG Images plugin

Key features:

  • Secure SVG uploads with sanitization
  • SVG previews in media library
  • Configure SVG access by user role
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Hooks for customizing sanitization

This plugin makes enabling basic SVG usage very easy through its automatic sanitization and role-based permissions. Previews also make working with SVGs more seamless.

In summary, WP SVG Images is a good option for safely allowing SVG usage in a lightweight plugin.

Plugin 4: Easy SVG Support

As its name suggests, Easy SVG Support aims for quick and simple SVG integration in WordPress.

Plugin page

Easy SVG plugin

Key features:

  • Upload SVGs to media library
  • Sanitize SVG files on upload
  • Display SVGs in media library
  • Hooks for customizing sanitization
  • Supports Gutenberg editor

This plugin removes any complexity from enabling SVG support. With just install and activation, you can start uploading SVGs.

In summary, Easy SVG Support delivers on its name by providing a fast and easy way to enable basic SVG usage in WordPress.


There are several solid options for plugins to enable SVG support in WordPress. The best choice depends on your specific needs and priorities.

For those wanting maximum design control and advanced SVG features, SVG Support is hard to beat. It provides full SVG styling and animation capabilities for developers and designers.

If security is the top concern, Safe SVG and WP SVG Images both automatically sanitize SVGs on upload to prevent vulnerabilities. Of these two, WP SVG Images is simpler and lighter weight.

For quick and hassle-free SVG integration, Easy SVG Support lives up to its name. It gets the job done with the least configuration required.

For most users, one of the security-focused plugins like Safe SVG or WP SVG Images will cover the basics well. They allow SVG usage in WordPress while preventing potential risks.

However, those wanting more advanced control over SVG styling and animation will need a plugin like SVG Support. Evaluate your specific needs to choose the right SVG plugin for your WordPress site.

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