Top 10 Plugins for WordPress Google Maps Plugin

by Shahaneaz Shaikat |

Do you need to incorporate Google Maps into your webpage? If that is the case, then every WordPress Google Maps plugin mentioned in this article will surely do the trick. You just need to pick one of them that is convenient for you.


Adding an interactive map to your WordPress website isn’t that hard. You just have to find and use a plugin that uses Google Maps and allows you to add and customize maps to your website’s posts and pages.

Today we will go over the best WordPress Google Maps plugins so that you can figure out which one suits you and your business the most.

Best Map Plugins for WordPress

You need to decide which WordPress maps plugin you’ll use by understanding the needs and goals that you need to meet. Depending on your budget, you can decide whether you want a free or a premium plugin. Let’s explore the top 10 Google Maps plugins for your WordPress.

1. WP Go Maps

The WP Go Maps is very popular because it offers a simplistic user interface and functionalities. Its easy-to-use interface lets you add and personalize maps for the pages and posts of your website.


WP Go Maps benefits:

  • This plugin is simple, easy to use and doesn’t require any shortcodes. You can even choose to use both Open Layer Maps and Google Maps.
  • When you need to decide on map markers, you can choose from a variety of options just by typing the location names.
  • The maps are responsive and can automatically adapt to any device or screen sizes.
  • You get to choose from 9 map themes that are popular or create a map yourself 
  • according to your preferences.
  •  And you’ll get the support of UTF-8 characters, the functionality of map widgets, and full-screen functionality.
  • You will also get the opportunity to choose from different map types, such as satellite, terrain, hybrid, and roadmap.

Using this plugin, you will get localization support. And you can even animate the map markers if you want to with this plugin. Just make right-click to embed a marker. It just takes seconds to create a single map!

Moreover, you can embed Polylines and Polygons in the maps. You won’t be bothered with advertising, even if you use the free version, and you can also set the maximum amount of zoom if you want to. Even caching plugins and Cloudfare are compatible with this plugin.

In addition, you don’t need to settle for a single map. You can add multiple ones if you want to. And you can let the visitors of your website get pointed toward the markers.

Furthermore, you can even add links, images, descriptions, and categories to your marker. Even the markers can be categorized by filters. Choose the icons of your markers to make the maps stand out more. You can list the markers as a basic list, carousel, basic table, or advanced table. There isn’t anything that you won’t love about this plugin.

2. Maps Widget for Google Maps

If you need a WordPress map plugin with different options for Thumbnail Google map, interactive Google map, and enough pin options, Maps Widget for Google Maps is the WordPress Google maps widget that you should try out.


Let’s look at the advantages of this widget:

  • If you need a custom size for your maps, this widget will provide you with that.
  • You will get the opportunity to choose from different levels of zoom options with this widget.
  • With this widget, you can choose and customize the color theme, as it has many color themes to pick from.
  • Even the color schemes are customizable.
  • It’s up to you which kind of pin colors, sizes, and types you want from this widget. You can customize that too.
  • You can even choose whether you want to add your text above or below the map with this widget.

The Google Maps Widget is another WordPress interactive map plugin that has been around for more than four years. Over 100,000 consumers use this widget. So there’s no need to sweat about its functionality.

This Widget comes in two versions: a free version and a pro version. The free version is easy to use, does the job, and is very basic. It’s customizable and fast, so you don’t need to worry about loading problems, as it works within minutes after opening the page. 

On the other hand, the pro version loads maps faster than most other plugins. And the best thing about the pro version is that it doesn’t slow down your website, even if you set up several pins across multiple continents. 

The map comes up as an image when customers first load your page. You can easily customize pins, colors, and logos. Plus, you can tap straight into the features of Google Maps using this widget. So this plugin will never disappoint you.

3. Maps Marker Pro

The Maps Marker Pro is one of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins in the market. Its basic function enables you to make a geographical location marker for any location. 


Take a look at the advantages of Maps Marker Pro:

  • You can add maps to your pages, templates, widgets, and posts just by using shortcodes.
  • If you want to, you can customize the display icons from within the plugin.
  • With this plugin, you can easily choose the base maps, such as Google Maps, Mapbox, Open Street Map, custom WMTS maps, and Bing.
  • You don’t have to worry at all about the plugin not responding.
  • It’s easy to embed your maps’ OR codes into things like packaging and more.
  • Using Maps Marker Pro, you can build a legend for your maps.

There are more than a thousand icon options in this plugin that you can choose from for representing a single location. You can even add text in pop-up windows if you want to. Creating marker clusters is easy using this plugin. 

For example, if your customer wants to know where they can purchase your site’s products locally, you can identify every single region of your city where the products are available using clusters. This way, your customers will find the locations of each store within every region.

Even the layers are customizable, which you can use to point your customer to the restaurants and stores that carry your products. Moreover, you can add several maps to indicate different routes.

You don’t even have to pay one cent for testing these features before you make a commitment. Just activate the 30-day trial, and you are good to go! And, if you pay a license fee just once, you’ll be able to enjoy all these assets of the Maps Marker Pro plugin and more.

4. MapifyPro

When it comes to different Google map addons, MapifyPro is one of the best options for your website. Its exclusive mapping API sets it apart from the other plugins.


The advantages of MapifyPro are given below:

  • Each map styles are fully customizable that includes different designs.
  • The number of map locations that you can add has no limits. You can easily upload all your chosen locations in bulk using a spreadsheet.
  • Each variety of icons for every location has unique graphics.
  • You can even filter all the results by different categories.
  •  MapifyPro has geo-location services that are advanced. For example, you can use the “My Location” option to look for nearby stores.
  • There’s a special added feature on this plugin that lets the consumer find their coffee and beer.

Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, there are more features that make MapifyPro so unique. You can use it to share the locations on different social media and maneuver traffic to the map’s exact location.

Furthermore, you can do an advanced search by different distances using this WordPress Google map plugin. There’s a feature that will auto-suggest the nearest location. And you can even use the “Use your location” option if you want to.

Using the custom image mode, you can use any kind of image for maps. This is great for park maps, conventions, and off-road trails. If you need to match the maps with your brand, you can easily customize almost everything about your maps.

You can embed thumbnail images for customizing tooltips fully. Moreover, you can add interactive location lists beneath your maps for “quick glace” details. Embed film and photography to each of the locations to capture drone footage and adventures.

Not only can you use this plugin for WordPress, but you can also use it for your Shopify if you need to.

5. 5sec Google Maps PRO

The 5sec Google Maps PRO WordPress mapping plugin can be used to show limitless Google maps using various pins on your site. It’s really customizable if you enter the offered shortcodes. 


5sec Google Maps PRO advantages:

  • The default settings will easily satisfy any user. However, you can still customize everything to your need.
  • The language gets selected automatically without you having to set it separately.
  • You can add multiple maps to each post on your website.
  • It’s easy to change the default map that comes with the plugin using different shortcodes.
  • You can choose the height, width, type, mouse scroll wheels, info layer, and color of every single map you decide on. Moreover, you can use the autofit options for each map.
  • Change every single map’s address, pin, description, center, tooltip, directions, icon, and auto-open description.

5sec Google Maps PRO will allow you to set the skin of each map apart from the color, which you can also change. You will get various opportunities to customize every single map separately according to your brand image. This is all thanks to the features that come with this plugin.

You can customize different types of maps like road maps, satellite maps, terrain maps, and even hybrid maps. It’s easy to add the info layers to Google Maps, such as traffic, weather, transit, and more.

This plugin allows you to look at Google Maps on the full screen. You will have the option of enabling or disabling the mouse scroll wheel, depending on your preference. 

In addition, you can add an address and description bubble on each pin for your maps. And the tooltip will appear when you position your cursor over any image, icon, etc. You can even set pins in the center of a map. What’s more, you can animate each pin. And there are 25 predefined icons for the pins.

6. Hero Maps Premium

The Hero Maps Premium is a great WordPress mapping plugin because it lets you build an interactive map for your website with WordPress. It allows you to add several advanced and special features without using codes.


Hero Maps Premium features:

  • This interactive plugin is fully responsive, so the users can easily access your website’s maps with various devices and screen sizes, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • It is very simple and easy to use without any issues. And you can build maps that show up on your full screen.
  • Hero Maps Premium works with any kind of theme that you want to use on your maps.
  • You will get enhanced functions for your maps and get to customize the multiple free colors and markers.
  • Not only will you get to use the custom markers that you create yourself, but you will also use the features on your mobile.
  • You can easily customize using the drag-and-drop function, as this Google Maps plugin has an interface that is very intuitive.

Most websites need to add Google Maps, as they are very helpful and have become really popular. By using plugins like Hero Maps Premium, you can display any location on Google Maps, as it increases the experience of the users through added info, layouts, and graphics.

Using Hero Maps Premium, you can cluster your markers for the maps you’re creating. You can even filter every feature by category. When you need to export or import your maps, you can do that by using CSV files, which makes everything easier.

There are over seven hundred Google Fonts that you can choose from for adding text to your maps. You can even animate them using CSS animation. Customize your skins using the various options available in this plugin.

The best thing about this interactive plugin is that you don’t need to use your desktop at all times to access the features. You can simply do everything on your phone if you wish to.

7. WP Maps Pro

The WP Maps Pro is one of the best Google Maps add-ons because of its popularity and its simplicity. You can easily customize maps to your pages and post using this plugin.


WP Maps Pro benefits:

  • Using this plugin, you can access different kinds of Google maps, such as satellite, roadmap, terrain, and hybrid.
  • You can even set different widths of the maps, heights, and even the zoom level of the maps.
  • The WP Maps Pro plugin is multilingual, WordPress network-friendly, and fully responsive.
  • It can add limitless locations with different information. Plus, it will allow you to add multiple locations to each map.
  • You can even build multiple maps with this WP Maps, but you have to make a purchase of the pro version for that.
  • WP Maps Pro is compatible with all kinds of browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Using WP Maps Pro, you can add Google maps to any of the posts on your website with shortcodes very easily. Plus, you are also able to embed buttons to Set markers and Get Directions. 

Furthermore, you can access over 500 pre-designed markers. These markers that you can create yourself are of high quality. They contain locations, images, links, directions, descriptions, and categories. List these markers in these four styles: basic table, basic lists, refined table, or carousel.

You are also able to utilize the routes, delivery areas, contact map pages, and maps that show directions. And you will have both options of choosing Open-layer maps or Google maps. Moreover, this plugin comes with nine kinds of map themes. Plus, you can also create a new theme by yourself.

You can even add Google Maps to the site of your WordPress or other widget areas. And you get to display the maps on full screens.

8. MapPress Maps for WordPress

The MapPress Maps for WordPress is an amazing plugin for WordPress Google Maps because of its freeness, quickness, and simplicity. Its affordability makes it so much more attractive to its users.


Let’s take a look at the features of MapPress Maps for WordPress:

  • With the MapPress Maps for WordPress plugin, you are able to access over a hundred marker styles for free.
  • There is this Map ‘mashups’ feature in this plugin that allows you o combine various maps into a single map.
  • The MapPress Maps for WordPress provides you with a list of different ‘clickable marked locations’ right below your maps.
  • You can use this WordPress plugin easily, as it has map widgets on a sidebar.
  • There is a special option of generating the maps from the field of contents that is custom. And you can integrate the maps with TurboCSV.

Unlike most of the WordPress map plugins mentioned in this article, MapPress Maps for WordPress is what you can call a freemium plugin. This plugin can make the creation of customized Google Maps easy, simple, and quick. 

This interactive and affordable solution embeds Google maps into the post and pages of your WordPress. Even if you use the free version of this plugin, you can access limitless maps. The free version allows you to embed multiple maps in each post. 

So you don’t have to pay a single cent to build your website custom maps for your customers to enjoy. But you have to keep in mind that the pro version will allow you to access more advanced features that you can’t get from the free version.

It is quite easy to use and even easier to register for your new account. You just have to choose between two kinds of license options. However, both of the licenses include a year’s worth of support and updates.

9. Google Maps Easy

The Google Maps Easy WordPress plugin is the creation of Supsystic, as it was developed by them. It is a great option for everyone, especially if you are looking for a plugin that doesn’t come with hard-to-understand instructions.


Take a look at all the features that the Google Maps Easy plugin provides its users:

  • With the Google Maps Easy plugin, you can create different types of marker clusters by yourself for all the maps that you want to add to your website.
  • Google Maps Easy will allow you access to create different kinds of categories for each of your maps.
  • You can even access the Info windows on the Google Maps Easy plugin to display different details of the locations that you want to add to your maps with each of your chosen markers.
  • There is also the option to embed both external or internal links to all the markers of each map using this plugin.
  • The Google Maps Easy plugin gives you access to various themes and map styles that you can choose for your website and each of its posts.
  • You will also get the option to add a basic list of the display of your markers. Or you can choose to use a list of carousel marker displays. 

Supsystic’s developed Google Maps Easy plugin is excellent for those who want a no-hassle solution to build limitless markers and maps for their chosen locations for a WordPress website. 

You don’t have to buy the premium versions if you are on a tight budget. This is because the free version comes with multiple features that can get the job done without having to spend a single buck.

However, if you do decide to purchase the pro version, you will be allowed exceptional access to the additional special features. With the licensed pro version, you get more alternative routes, map themes, heatmap layers, markers, and more.

10. Simple Shortcode for Google Maps

Do you want a WordPress Google Maps plugin that is easy to use, and the pricing starts from zero dollars per month? You should try Simple Shortcode for Google Maps if that’s the case. 


Simple Shortcode for Google Maps benefits:

  • Easy and straightforward shortcodes.
  • Great for maps that show delivery areas, contact page maps, and more.
  • Uses Transients API and WordPress HTTPS API to deliver cache maps with little impact on the site’s performance.
  • Shortcode options include address, width, height, zoom control, and more.

With this plugin, you can add the addresses that you want on your maps and the width and height of the maps. It allows you to enable the scroll wheel to zoom on maps. You can even select the zoom levels of each map. Plus, you can control your required zoom levels or choose no zoom easily using these shortcodes.

And you can enable or disable any of the default UI controls, but you might have to override them individually. It is up to you if you want the geocoding disabled or not. And you can use the gesture handling control to handle the gesture of the amp on the maps. 

Moreover, you can access the scroll of your page with the one-touch gesture and the scroll events gesture. This doesn’t pan or zoom your map. However, the two-finger touch gesture will pan or zoom your maps. And if you don’t want your maps to zoom or pan at all, you can create that option too.

There’s another option that will determine what you want the type of your initial map display to be. For example, a roadmap shortcode will decide if you want your map to display as a map of a normal street or not. 

A satellite shortcode will determine if your map will show up as satellite images. And hybrid and terrain shortcodes will display the map’s transparent layers and physical features, respectively.


How do I use the Google Maps plugin in WordPress?

To use Google Maps plugin in WordPress, you need to use shortcodes. 

Any plugin that you choose will give you access to these shortcodes. You just have to copy these shortcodes and paste them into the post on your website where you want the map to show up.

What is the best Google Maps Plugin for WordPress?

There is no simple answer to this question. All the plugins mentioned in this article are amazing. Each of these plugins comes with different benefits, even though most of them will give you access to multiple basic features.

Is Google Maps free for WordPress?

Google Maps can be free for WordPress, depending on the plugin that you choose to use. 

There are a couple of plugins that have free versions that get the job done easily. However, you should get the pro versions if you want additional special features for your website.

How do I get a Google Map API in WordPress?

To get a Google Map API in WordPress, you must create an account on the Google Cloud Platform.

You have to create a new project and set up the billing account after creating the account. From there on, it’s easy to find your API key from the options.


A Google Maps plugin feeds your website a broad reach and helps visitors to find your location quickly.

Choose one of the plugins mentioned in this article if you want a WordPress Google Maps plugin that embeds Google Maps into your WordPress website and gives you multiple customization options. And good luck on your journey.

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