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5 types of interaction in plugin US Map for WordPress

In this post, we’ll review some living examples of interaction with an interactive map:  the displaying of content near the map after you clicked, the displaying of tooltips, the opening of links, showing lightbox popups, the JavaScript launching. All these features are included both in the US Map for WordPress plugin and in the other locator maps that are provided on our website.

There are the interactive maps below – please try to use them to see how it works.

Displaying of the content near the map

Click on the states to display the relevant content near the map.

Click on any state to display the corresponding content near the map

Content with the links inside of tooltips

There are the links inside of tooltips in this example, that appear when pointing at the state.  Click on the state, to fix the tooltip, and then you can click on all the links inside of this tooltip.

Opening the links when clicking on the state

The next simple example is the map with the assigned links for each state.  A new window with the map plugin for the corresponding state appears by clicking on them.

Displaying of Lightbox Popups

If you want to display the lightbox popups by clicking as with the example of the map, you can use a free Popup Builder plugin, to create popups.

Interaction through the API. Launching of JavaScript

If you want to launch the JavaScript by hovering or clicking on the state, just see the following example and realize how easy it is:

Hovered state:
Clicked state:

Our maps have API, so every web developer can greatly increase the interactive opportunities, for instance, track the mouseover and clicking events etc.

More interaction opportunities

Are looking for more? The same interaction approaches can be used for spots and regions. Show your offices or the market regions on your website, which can improve its attractiveness and raise the clients’ response.

Interactive map of the USA

Try it for free!

The interactive examples in this post show some variants of our plugins usage. You can download the free demo version and try all the options on your website. If you or your clients like it, you can easily transfer all the settings into the full version! You don’t need to make the settings of the map again. We are sure that all our plugins make your website a lot better and attract more users.

Try United States map for WordPress for free

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Test lightpox popup
Test lightpox popup
Test lightpox popup