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Australia map plugin for WordPress

Australia map plugin for WordPress

An interactive map of Australia from is a plugin for WordPress-powered websites that allows placing geographical-related content into a corporate or standalone website with just a few clicks. In this article, we collected 10 inspirational examples of the Australia Map plugin for WordPress. Thus you can estimate the full potential of our plugin.

Australia map plugin for WordPress-powered “Car-craft repair” website

Australia map plugin

“Car-craft repair” is overall one of the best companies in the motor body repair industry in Australia. Undoubtedly, the best company needs a very good interactive map to place information about its local departments. Therefore, on the screenshot above you can see the Australia interactive map plugin for WordPress on the main website page. Whereas a user clicks on one state, so WordPress redirects him automatically to the page with all necessary information of local dealers. Finally, the interactive map is also fully customized so that it corresponds to the website color scheme. Good decision.

Australia map plugin for WordPress helps “Jim’s asbestos removal” to save our planet

Australia map plugin for business

Undeniably, Interactive maps from serve for ecology purposes! Thus “Jim’s asbestos removal” is a well-known Australian company that helps to remove asbestos from materials in industrial areas, suburban stations, and so on. Surely, they used our interactive map on the main page of a corporate website to redirect a user to the local departments’ pages. The interactive map has meanwhile eye-catching colors to attract visitor’s attention.

Australia interactive map for “World Day of Prayer”

Non-commercial use of Australia map plugin

“Word Day of Prayer” is primarily a non-commercial organization that unites women with many faith traditions to pray together. Of course, we were glad to help them to improve the Australian website with a high-quality interactive map. As can be seen on a screenshot below, the Interactive HTML5 Map of Australia helps the website visitors to find all necessary information about the State Committees.

Australia interactive map for young remote pilots with “Fly UAS”

Australia interactive map helps young pilots

“Fly UAS” is preeminently a company that helps to get an upcoming remote pilot license (REPL) to all interested people in Australia. The Australia Interactive map on the main page uses customized colors and points at the same time for better visualization. As in the examples above, when a user clicks on a state, the system redirects him to a page with necessary information.

Australia interactive map plugin helps “NSA Lacrosse” to take care of lacrosse players

Helping lacross players with Australia interactive map

Given these points, “NSA Lacrosse” helps the lacrosse players to find camps and clinics throughout Australia states. As in many other cases, the map fits a website color scheme.

Commercial Australia interactive map usage for “Bullock” company

commercial Australia interactive map usage

In addition, the authors of this website decided to use an interactive map with the grouping of states. As well as on the screenshot, two states are grouped with the same color. This is, by the way, a useful feature of our plugins, allowing us to represent the global structure of companies without efforts.

Using Australia map plugin for “Pronto Refrigeration”

customized Australia map plugin
“Pronto Refrigeration” is a company, which has a large department structure in Australia and New Zealand. That’s why they use customized version of our plugin.

Interactive map of Australia for “Countplus national audits”

interactive map of Australia

As you can see from the screenshot, this company uses the Australia map plugin with points and pop-up windows with additional information about local representatives. The customized colors of the map and points are associated with the information in the pop-up window.

Interactive map for “Camdec logistics”

Australia interactive map plugin

An interactive map on this corporate website has different colors. Blue for the states with the local departments of the company and black for the states without local departments. For another thing, webmasters customized the information in pop-up windows for each state and users can easily find all the necessary information.

Australia interactive map plugin for “Westpac Equipment Finance & Commercial Introducers”

Australia interactive map
This website allows visitors to find all necessary information about local company representatives by a simple click on a state. Australia HTML5 Map plugin from helps to fit the website design and color scheme.


On the whole, these 10 examples show us the full potential of Australia HTML5 Interactive Map WordPress plugin from The interactive map is easy to customize and has a lot of useful premium features. Using this map you can place any necessary information you need to attract more attention to your website. You can also have more visitors and potential clients.

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