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Clickable US map with all cities

We often get the orders that at first sight seem to be impossible to fulfill. For example, a US map with all cities that are clickable. But there are more than 30.000 cities and we have to create a link for all of them. So, how to create such a map quickly and easily?  We arrived at a swift solution to this issue.

One of our clients wanted to add all the cities of the USA to the map and that these very cities would have had clickable links that would lead to different pages of the website. We suggested using a bundle plugin that includes the maps for each state. The links for the cities are displayed by choosing the county.

Please, take a look at the example for Florida. Try to click on the counties!


By clicking on the county, the list of the cities with the population more than 5000 people will be displayed near the map.  Also, the color of the county in this example depends on the number of cities included.

Here you find an example of the interactive USA map including the cities with the population more than 200.000 people.

How did we make a US map with all cities?

As well as other our plugins, a bundled plugin with all US maps has functions for the export and the import of CSV and JSON files. Therefore the main task was to create a script that generates the file with the pre-integrated settings for the importation into a plugin. If you have good programmers, it won’t be time-consuming.  The script processes the database with the list of the cities and compares the state and the county. Also, we added the population’s amount filter.

But what’s to be done with the automatic links adding? The request of the client was in the following – each link for the city shall have the following template: / [state] / [city]
For example, Tampa will have the following link: /florida/tampa/

Is it expensive?

To be honest, we made this customization free for our client.

How can you order this customization?

Do you need an out-of-the-box solution? We are always ready to offer services in customization of our plugins or in new plugins development from scratch.
If you have already some particular requirements for your plugin, please send them through our page with the offer of services by order.
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