Drill-down Map of the USA for WordPress: Here is How You Can Configure 3000+ Counties in Minutes Using CSV Importing

Let’s face it: manual configuration of US counties is not an easy task. Indeed, the USA map has 3000+ of counties in total. Imagine you need to setup the landing pages, the contact information and possibly the visual style for each one of them. Even if you need to adjust only a half of counties, this is still a whole lot of work.

This task can be quickly solved by exporting and importing via CSV.

CSV Importing

We use the Drill-down US map for WordPress to demonstrate how you can quickly import all the required information for each particular county using CSV importing.

Main CSV importing advantages are:

  • Faster map configuration
  • Import the existing information from contact databases
  • You can delegate editing map settings in CSV to someone. Access to WordPress is only required when you import CSV.
  • Instantly apply changes
  • Import data to a test map, while your production website stays intact

Now, let’s take a closer look.

Faster map configuration

To manually edit more than 3000 counties via the standard WordPress admin panel can take ages. With CSV importing, things get much easier. Indeed, in any spreadsheet editor, you create a CSV file containing settings of all states and counties you need. Then you simply import that file to the map plugin.

Import from the existing contact database

When you need to present the contact information of multiple local dealers, reps, agents or managers visually on the drill-down US map, an existing contact database is a great helper. Since most of the database software support exporting of databases to the CSV format, filling in the drill-down data takes a few minutes.

Easy delegation

Creating or editing a CSV file does not require access to WordPress. This effectively allows you to delegate the task to a subordinate who simply creates the CSV spreadsheet and fills it with contact data. Then you instantly import that CSV spreadsheet to your map.

Instantly apply changes

Without CSV importing even a simple change turns to a disaster. Imagine you have one manager who supervises 100+ counties in Texas. And then you notice his name has a typo. You would need to manually edit each of the hundred counties to fix it. And thanks to the CSV file, you make the change only once, and then import the fixed file to the map again.

Effortless testing

The Drill-down US map plugin allows you to have multiple maps, so you can test settings on an individual instance of the map, while your production website remains functional and stable. This way you can import the data from a CSV file to the test map, evaluate if it looks ok, and then either publish this map, or import the same CSV to the production map too.

What can be imported from CSV?

The plugin allows you to import all settings of each individual state and county of the US drill-down map, including:

  • Color settings (default color, hover color, click color)
  • Contents of tooltips including the tooltip image
  • Click event, specifically:
    • Open link
    • Display some content side-by-side with the map
    • Open the next level (for states only)
  • Additional content to be displayed side-by-side with the map

You can also import part of these data for instance if you use individual CSV files for each state.

Florida counties map

CSV Importing Dialog in the WordPress Admin Panel

CSV Import Dialog

The Detailed Settings tab allows you to export or import CSV settings to the Drill-down US map. The process is self-explanatory.

What our clients say

The team at FLA-SHOP.COM has been fantastic to work with. We have a network of sales reps throughout the world, down to the county level in the US. It’s critical that I be able to find the information they need and this map was absolutely the best choice.

More importantly, when I needed special features added to most efficiently process my data, their team jumped in immediately. Now, I can maintain one CSV file and uploaded seconds to make changes. I couldn’t think of a better solution.

Russ Schroader
VP of marketing
Sports beams lighting, Inc.


CSV importing function of the Drill-down US map plugin for WordPress is a huge time-saver when you need to quickly fill the map with precise and up-to-date contact information of your local offices, sales reps or dealers. Therefore, your customers always see the actual contact information and can quickly place an order or ask for a quote.

Increase your sales thanks to map plugins for WordPress from Fla-shop.com!

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