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How to install WordPress plugin from


How to install WordPress plugin from This article is a complete review of WordPress interactive map plugin installation. We will make a comprehensive review of the installation process from the downloading a zip file up to the plugin activation. You can also find a short installation instruction for Windows and MacOS users in the article.

Table of contents

How to install WordPress plugin from Short installation guide

Please note that, first of all, you need to order the plugin from website and download the zip archive to your local hard drive. After that:

  1. Go to your WordPress admin panel;
  2. Select the “Plugins” tab, then select “Add new” link;
  3. In the appeared window click on “Upload plugin” button;
  4. Click “Browse” button and select .zip archive with the plugin. Click “Install now” button;
  5. When the plugin has been installed, activate it by clicking the “Activate Plugin” link;
  6. Great job! Now you can see a new section in WordPress admin panel, where you can manage all plugin settings.

Step-by-step installation guide

This comprehensive instruction will undoubtedly help you to answer the question “How to install WordPress plugin from” and to make it in the easy and accurate way.

Click on “Upload plugin button”

how to install WordPress plugin

When the upload window appears, click on the “Choose file” button

how to install WordPress plugin

Choose the zip archive with the plugin at your local hard drive

how to install WordPress plugin

When the zip file has been downloaded into your website directory, click on the “Install now” button

how to install WordPress plugin

Click on the “Activate Plugin” button to activate the plugin.

how to install WordPress plugin

Installation of the plugin on MacOS (iMac, MacBook)

One of the main differences between MacOS and Windows installation process is that compressed files are being unzipped directly after the download process. It means that after the downloading the plugin zip archive in MacOS  you will see something like that:

how to install WordPress plugin

Please note that you will need to compress this folder into a zip archive again in order to upload it to the WordPress website correctly. For this purpose follow the instructions on a screenshot below.

Do a Right-click on the folder icon and choose “compress folder”.

how to install WordPress plugin

As you can see on a screenshot below after compression process you will have a ready zip archive that can be uploaded to a WordPress website.

how to install WordPress plugin


Note for Safari browser users

If you use a Safari browser, you can stop the automatically unzipping of downloaded zip files. To do that:

  • open the “Preferences” menu in your Safari browser

how to install WordPress plugin

  • go to “General” settings tab and uncheck the “Open safe files after downloading” check field.

how to install WordPress plugin

Installation of the plugin full version after the demo version testing

If you have tested the demo version of the plugin and purchased a license, we warn you to delete all old plugin files right before the installation process. You can export your settings into the new plugin. We will describe that in the next articles.

Please note that if you still see an “HTML5 Demo” badge after the installation and activation of the full plugin version, you will need to clear the browser cache:

  • for Windows users: press CTRL + F5 at “Map preview” page in WordPress admin panel;
  • for MacOS users: press Command + R at “Map preview” page in WordPress admin panel.


For your convenience, we prepared a short video-instruction where we show the complete installation process.


Next steps

When your interactive map is installed, it is the time to configure it, as we described earlier. After that, just embed a simple short-code into your WordPress blog post or page and enjoy an eye-catching interactive map!



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