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Integration of Interactive US map with the Popup Builder plugin for displaying popups

Integration of Interactive US map with the Popup Builder plugin for displaying popups

In this article, we will carry out a step-by-step integration of our Interactive US maps with the free Popup Builder plugin. Interactive maps from – a great way to increase the user engagement on the site.

Interactive maps from – a great way to increase the user engagement on the site. Maps save a lot of time, allowing you to quickly get all the necessary information: contacts of responsible persons for various organizational units, the schedule of offices and branches of the company, etc. With the help of interactive maps, you can mark all the key objects of the organization and display detailed data for each of them.

Interactive maps from have a convenient, intuitive, mobile-friendly interface. For this reason, they are so popular among various webmasters and web development agencies.

Among the available solutions are:

  • Interactive US maps (include states, counties);
  • interactive world maps (maps for any geographical location with the required level of detail and interactivity);
  • custom maps (development of custom maps based on customer needs – maps for congressional districts, zip-codes, etc.).

Integration of interactive US maps with the Popup Builder plugin

The key advantage of interactive maps from is their flexibility. They can be used together with paid and free plugins. One example of successful integration is the use of interactive maps together with Popup Builder ( ), a plugin to create popups.

Popups that appear when you click on a specific section of the map, allow you to display all valuable information in the most simple, understandable and user-friendly way. This makes it possible to keep the map readable, avoid overloading it with unnecessary information.

Popups implemented with the Popup Builder plugin work on any device. They are equally convenient to use from both mobile phones and widescreen displays. If necessary, you can always customize the popup animation, the appearance of the window, embed various media files, subscription forms, shortcodes, links in the popups (some options are available only in the premium version of the plugin).

Integration of Popup Builder with interactive maps from is an excellent way to expand the functionality of maps by adding modern, convenient and useful elements that allow you to convey valuable information to the users, collect leads, subscribe on the different newsletters depending on the division of the company, etc. Integration opens rich opportunities for the practical application of interactive maps.

Step-by-step setup guide

In this section, we will carry out a step-by-step integration of our Interactive US maps with the free Popup Builder plugin.

You can watch the following YouTube video:

  1. Download a plugin with a map of the United States at this direct download link.
  2. Upload the interactive US maps plugin from on the “Plugins” -> “Add new” page. Select the .zip file and click “Install”.
  3. In the search plugin box type «Popup Builder». Looking for this plugin and install it. Note: since there are quite a lot of plugins with a similar name, we need the one whose developer is Sygnoos.
  4. After installation, activate both plugins on the site.
  5. Proceed to create a popup. Looking for the Popup Builder menu and choose “Add New”. Next, set the format of the popup and type the data that will be displayed in the window. On the Add New Popup page, you can specify the width and height of the window, various options for animation, sound, etc. Publish the popup.
  6. Now we can display this popup in the Interactive US Maps plugin. The display of popups is possible for regions, groups of regions or individual points on the map. As an example, let’s display a popup for an arbitrary US state. Go to the “Detailed settings” section of the plugin, select any state, then in the “What to do when the area is clicked” check the “Show lightbox popup” item and select the popup we created earlier.
  7. Done! We tied a lightbox to the state. Now we can go to the “Map Preview” section and test the display of the popup.

Integration of interactive maps with other plugins

Interactive maps from are flexible, expandable and scalable. They have numerous integration possibilities with a variety of plugins and add-ons, the list of which is constantly updated.

We have already published a post about the integration of interactive maps with the Tabs Maker plugin. Tabs Maker allows you to display responsive maps in tabs that work perfectly on any device. This approach allows you to properly organize all the information on the site, effectively use of free space and offering visitors a quality experience of interaction with maps.

In addition, interactive maps from have their own API, which opens unlimited possibilities for their scaling and customization. It is possible to add arbitrary JS-code for the implementation of a particular functionality.

If you use a CMS other than WordPress or want to manually integrate a lightbox into our interactive maps, then you can use the guide available here.


Popups are a useful element of the map UI, allowing you to display all the necessary information in a concise, structured and readable form with reference to the corresponding region.
Using the integration of’ Interactive maps with the Popup Builder plugin, you can automate the process of adding popups to different sections of the map, whether it’s a region, a group of regions or a specific point.

Add interactivity to your maps! Your visitors will appreciate this because a convenient, solid, accessible design of the site is the guarantee of high sales and customer loyalty.

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